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The Dub Invasion Festival is a 10 day long excursion into the international musical phenomenon called dub, a style characterized by heavy bass, drums and copious use of effects, where the producer becomes the artist and the mixing board becomes an instrument. From its roots in 1960s Kingston reggae studios to its evolution into the digital age, dub has given birth to modern remix culture and its influence and production techniques can be heard across countless genres, from hip-hop, electronica, to punk and rock.

Out of the original Jamaican dub culture, a new generation of international producers and artists have infused the original sound with diverse influences, pushing the boundaries of the music throughout Europe, Japan and Latin America. Our goal is to introduce world class talents to a wide audience in New York and Boston and develop an infrastructure and platform for global collaboration and creative exchange.

The Dub Invasion Festival is jointly produced by Brooklyn-based music activists Sound Liberation Front and NYC’s Dubwise label Subatomic Sound.