50 trending topics to write for a research paper: reflect trends in the 21st century science

Scientific research is a common task in various classes for students in higher education, colleges and universities. However, many young people find them complex because they are lengthy and require in-depth research and detailed analysis of several scientific sources. In addition, if you want to succeed, you will also need to know English academic style

But the most critical and most disturbing part of the whole process of writing an article for most of the students in the first year of college studies selects the subject of the study. The problem is that in high school the subjects for research projects are usually determined by the teacher and students who enter the higher education curriculum, are not fully prepared to choose subjects for their research. Need an interesting subject for your research?

If you are fighting the search for the last question for the study, continue reading this article, where you will find a list of good research in different areas of research. In addition, we will give you some advice on how to approach a complex topic for research

How do I select topics about research recommendations for your project?

Selecting an interesting topic is crucial to the success of your research project, as it will send you in the right direction and will be interesting and motivated throughout the process of writing. Let’ s talk about what makes a good subject for research

1) This should be an interesting topic

You need to think about the problems in your particular area of knowledge that you would like to find solutions. For example, you might be concerned about social and health issues or food safety. Or perhaps you’re interested in animal behavior or the education of little children. You need to clarify your ideas and transform them into a narrow research question that will guide your data

If your ideas are too high, you can try to do the following to help you formulate them in specific research questions:

  • Internet search;
  • talking to experts in your field, classmates or project manager;
  • search for library resources (encyclopedias, gazetteers, etc.);
  • was read about recent political debates, research, medical and scientific research, current events, trends in business and technology, sports and music news, literature reviews
  • read articles in scientific journals
  • 2) Suze the theme to make it governed

    Many students make a general mistake-they choose topics that are common and may be more workarounds for book projects. If you select a theme that is too wide, you will finish the overview without deep understanding

    For example, if you select the topic “crim-justice” as the subject of the study, you might not have enough attention on some specific issues. Therefore, you will need to shorten the time so that you can conduct the investigation for a limited period of time. For example, you can write about the causes of youth crime. But be careful not to make your subject too narrow, otherwise you will find it difficult to find enough information to write your paper

    A good idea is to choose a theme related to your past experience, because your readers will be impressed by how well you are informed. For example, if you have volunteer work in healthcare or assistance for the homeless, you can get information from first hand and experience to write impressive information in sociology, because you can ask more meaningful questions related to poverty and homelessness

    You can also take advantage of the work on topics associated with the current job because you will have a good opportunity to gather basic data. For example, if you are working in a hospital, it would be easier for you to collect data for your research work in a nursing home

    You must choose a theme that can have a certain academic, social or practical value for scientists, students, or society. This consideration is particularly important when you are

    Ideas of the best research for your own paper

    You are now well aware of the aspects that should be taken into account when choosing the theme for your research work so that it can find a good theme. To help you get started, we made a list of interesting topics for research in different areas of knowledge. Note that topics in all categories are based on recent trends in science and technology

    Biology ideas

  • What are the effects of a bad set of numbers over the life cycle?
  • What are the Probiotics effects in the prevention of Infection?
  • Can Nanotechnology be used to treat cancer patients?
  • Is the cell active?
  • What is the future of food products for GMO? products?
  • What are alternative fuels?
  • What is Down’s syndrome?
  • Can the development of more effective antibiotics be used to combat bacterial resistance?
  • Use of biofiltm to control air pollution
  • What is targeted cancer therapy?
  • Psychology topics

  • What are the psychological effects of technology?
  • How do the colors affect performance?
  • What leads to the disconnect?
  • How do some people become leaders?
  • To analyze the most famous themes of Dream Theories
  • Analyzing a prison experiment at Stanford
  • What is a brain development during the prenatal period?
  • Sigmund Freud is a religion
  • How important is love for child development?
  • How do you not sleep in a state of mental health?
  • What were the possible causes of the problem with the large salem?
  • The factors that caused Crash to the stock market in 1929?
  • How was the new art course?
  • Was it defusing Hiroshima?
  • What was the impact of the children’s home on European and American societies?
  • Discuss the role of Women’s Movement in the history of the United States
  • What were the social consequences of the war in Viet Nam?
  • What is the role of women in the army?
  • What were the effects of the Harlem Renaissance?
  • Amelia Earhart’s life story
  • The topics of physics and astronomy

  • What, Pluto, if it’s not a planet?
  • Can we define how old universes are?
  • What are dark holes?
  • Can people survive on Mars?
  • Do you need to search for a space?
  • Can we prevent a large comet from the strip of land?
  • A life cycle exists on other planets?
  • Like Meteorites Change the Earth?
  • Explain Einstein’s theory of general relativity
  • Why is the Dark Mother important?
  • Topics for computer science and robots

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of data mining?
  • What is the future of cloud computing?
  • Can artificial intelligence become more intelligent than humans?
  • Is Crypocurrencies future?
  • What is the impact of big data on our society?
  • Are vehicles clearly vehicles-the future of transport?
  • Can artificial intelligence destroy a man?
  • How is Robots improving health?
  • How will computers change in 15 years?
  • What are important network security issues?
  • Research Tips

    The most important thing is to make the title brief without prejudice to any necessary element. In addition, your title needs to catch readers ‘ attention and be distinguished from other headlines according to similar topics

  • Keep your header about 10 to 12 words and use active verbs
  • Include keywords that define the nature of the investigation and help readers find your paper in databases
  • Avoid using jargon and acronyms that may not be familiar with your readers
  • 2) In general, the research documentation has the following structure:

    Some scientific research may include additional components such as “Confirmation” and “Table of Contents”

    Ensure that the paper format is correctly formatted according to

    After you finish writing, be sure to modify and correctly read the document to improve its style and correct possible grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. If you are still not ready to start working with