5 places to discover scholarship, awards and bursaries

I'm not embarrassed to admit that I want free money. Regardless of whether they buy textbooks used by them, using student ID for discounts, or devour all free samples of food to Costco, my friends and I always look for innovative ways to save money

Although, here's the thing: cost savings are not enough. It is equally important (if not more) that the money is earned. While part-time work is a source of income, it is difficult to maintain a minimum wage. Not to mention finding a permanent post with benefits immediately after school, it seems impossible

The most convenient and obvious place to find orders is in your program. The awards you can apply include those that you did during the school year. Depending on your program, you can apply for multiple awards to increase the odds of winning. Do you know who to turn to? Do not forget to read the messages that come from your program or speak to the program coordinator

Many students forget financial assistance after scholarships are available from secondary school. Don't forget to look for scholarships. You may be heavily involved on campus, or you work a lot on your campus. All these things can make you qualified for a faculty or a university scholarship

Look at you and see what you're worth. There are scholarships based on race, sexual orientation, first generation status, etc

Also check the student association. Many offer scholarships for reasons such as unpaid internships or daily travel. These applications usually ask you to complete the budget form with a brief explanation of why you need the money

So, you applied for every scholarship and award at your school, and you still want more free money? Take responsibility for who you are. There may be an external organization that offers scholarships or awards based on specific criteria. If, for example, you care about social justice, the environment or animals, perhaps a non-profit organization that cares about the same things, offers a scholarship. Maybe even a place where you work can offer a scholarship!

If you're a journalist, then

CIBC offers a variety of scholarships for students in Canada. Maybe you'll find one of them

Are you planning on being a nurse? The Ontario Nursing Association offers

As many of us don't want to worry about our school days, your school can offer a reward for what you've done since high school. It doesn't hurt to crawl on Facebook and ask!

Several training websites in Canada show you hundreds of scholarships, some of which are reliable

These Web sites are great because you are given the opportunity to create a profile that will be able to customize which scholarships are granted to you. This feature allows you to get the time and energy from the list of scholarships that may not apply to you. It shows everything you can get from the amount of money you can earn, the appropriate timing and links to the applications. One of the best features of these sites is that they will send you reminders about the length of the training

Yeah, sometimes it's best to find a scholarship that you'll be sent to Google. Simply searching for a program name or specialization with the word "scholarship" next to it will show you tonnes of results. Don't be afraid to go beyond the province. Some scholarships are not very strict with their guidelines, and you can get them. Canada is a big country with a fine opportunity that you will be guaranteed to find a scholarship or a reward for you. The search for scholarships outside the box is also great. Because there are not so many users, your chances of getting one of them are higher

Now that you've found all these fantastic scholarships, you can apply for the beginning of application! If you saw a scholarship that you would like to receive, but missed the deadline, save it and apply the following year. Launching an application may seem frightening at the beginning, but you have nothing to lose. You'll be thanking yourself as soon as you get "Congratulations!" E-mail that you've won thousands of dollars

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Miriam Valdés-Carletti

Miriam Valdes-Carletti is a graduate of journalism journalism from Ryerson and likes to go to the dog parks even if she does not own them