I asked some students that their largest post fear fear

In a couple of years, countless semesters, and the feeling that this is the time of life, the post-school students across the globe are entering the “graduation season”. In contrast to “seasonal season”, “production season” is an exciting time in the life of a student, because it means that they are “OFFICIAL NAD”! However, not all of them are sunny and rainbows. It could really be frightening! Soon you’ll be out of insurance from your parents, you’re gonna have to start paying off your student loans, and you won’t be able to get a “I’m a student” card when you don’t have a life together. Are you or someone you love at this point in the “release season”? If you’re just like me, and you’re facing this open road, don’t be afraid, ‘ cause you’re not alone! Seriously, I know it might seem like everybody else found out that everything you’ve got is an expensive piece of paper to wipe off your tears with help. But trust me, no matter who you are, all people are faced with some kind of wave when it comes to graduation Based on this, I decided to anonymize several students from all walks of life about how they felt that they would cross the finish line in adulthood. Be that as it may, everyone would have a very different time after graduation

“It was a stormy experience that I am so happy to have done.”

” My post-secondary career is one of the biggest personal achievements … I’m proud to have finished it. “

“I didn’ t know what I was doing.”

“It was a full meeting where so many new people about the industry he’s going to.”

“I grew up as a man and learned to understand my boundaries and my goals.”

“Cannot find the job in the field that interests me.”

“Never do my job because I was too scared to risk and just wanted to be safe.”

“The same guy as my senior prom photos will also take pictures at the graduation ceremony.”

“Leave the city that I’ve loved and I’ll think about it.”

” We don’t know which direction to go … (But) I think the big load is lifted off my shoulders, and I can breathe a little more. “

“That I can’t fit into the university and not find him, as I did at the university.”

”(Depends) if I decide to get a teacher’s degree.”

“I plan to be a student again in the fall.” I’m not ready to finish being a student! “

“Hahahahahahaha, no.”

“Yes, I hope that I would like my hosts to be in such a place later.”

“No more, as the student is registered in an institution, not as a student.”

“I am glad to meet new people in unexpected places and to go to unexpected places.”

“I am very happy that I will be home and in my family more often and remind them how grateful I am for all their support during these years.”

“Don’t worry about classes and projects!”

“Moving: I think movement allows you to grow as a person and adapt to different situations.”

“I am very happy to create my own life.”

“ It’s so banal, but really at the moment, and you appreciate all your friends and professors. It’s so weird to say goodbye to your friends and not know when you’ll see them again. “

“I strongly encourage other students to visit your training center so they can look at your résumé and help you plan your future and network.”

“Always be proud of your achievements, even if they are small, come up with good simple things in life that you love to do, and make sure that you are doing what you love around the world.”

“ Go there and be the best version of yourself. This is the time of your lifecycle in which you receive errors. This is the perfect moment to smash yourself into pieces and put it back. “

“ Everything will work one way or another. No matter where you live, it’s not too late to change. “

As you can see, graduates are identified from a wide range of students! (ALL) But the end of the message can be true! If you’re going to finish your job, you’ll be introducing a very exciting new chapter in your life. Even if you are no longer a student, you will always have memory. Now take a deep breath and say this to me, “I’ll be fine!” Come on, now! “I’ll be fine!” Because at the end of the day, even people who look like they invented it, do nothing. I think you could say, “We’re all in this together,” especially when it comes to our fears for the future. But I promise you that everything will be fine, trust me

* Views expressed in respect of the author, and not necessarily for the “Student life” or their partners

A recent graduate of Ryerson U, Mikel is a passion for pop culture and media. He worked for eTalk, Cannes Film Festival, etc